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We are Treemore

Developer of products that contribute to nature.

Number 1? Trees in a gift box that fit in every bag and even through the letterbox.


We want everyone to take care of a tree at home and watch it grow. Bonsai, balcony or open ground, a tree can bloom anywhere.

​With a little dedication and patience, the reward will get bigger and bigger over time. A small gift with a bright future.

What we do it for

With selling trees as a gift, we just want to make the world a little bit more resilient. Not only with the trees themselves, but also by donating €1 for every tree to restoring degraded land.


Trees mitigate climate change. They improve air quality in cities, bring tranquility, are of great economic value and play a key role in preserving the planet's biodiversity.

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How we work

In designing our products, in the choice of partners and in the stories we tell, sustainability is our compass.


We use renewable materials and no fossil fuels. Our trees are grown organically as much as possible.


Step by step, we are building a better world together.

How it started

We are basically just nature lovers with a hobby that got out of hand. Always full of wonder and curiosity looking at everything that grows and blooms.

Germinating a seed and seeing a seedling slowly develop into a mature plant or tree... We love staring at our trees all day to watch them grow.

It takes some patience, but nothing is more rewarding than after years of nurturing, seeing the first flower open up in your home grown tree.

Het team

The team




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Maarten is Treemore’s co-founder and chief tree consultant. During his work as an advisor in the field of sustainable energy, he saw the importance and opportunities of sustainable land use increase.


With Treemore’s concepts, Maarten wants to introduce people to the strength and beauty of nature, at the same time financing the transition to sustainable land use.



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Dave loves nature and creating business opportunities. He’s deeply passionate about contributing to a sustainable world for everyone.


Central to Dave's work are people, purpose, direction and sustainability. Sustainability in the most literal sense of the word. He wants to build on something that will last for a long time. 



Marketing & Communications Manager

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A versatile creative with a passion for positive change. As an active member of the 'impact community', Sanne is always looking for smart ways to use her skills to contribute to a better world.

Sanne recognizes the importance of authentic and inclusive communication to convey important messages in a clear and accessible manner.

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Passionate about greenery and thriving like a plant in the sun at Treemore.

Josje is the creative busy bee who enjoys engaging in organization and planning.

Guided by honesty and sincerity, she works with enthusiasm towards a greener world.


Business Partnerships

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Rosa’s an enthusiastic, curious world traveller and big fan of (letterbox) trees.


She’s driven to make the world a little greener with you, building a long-term relationship.


Don’t hesitate to ask Rosa about the perfect letterbox gift. Nothing is too creative for her!




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Are you as passionate about trees as we are and motivated to make the world a little greener?

For driven talent, the door is always open for a cup of coffee.

Send your CV and cover letter to, and we will get in touch with you.

Vacancies >

Business developer / sales officer 🌳
Are you passionate about trees, nature, and making a real impact on our planet? Do you get excited at the thought of combining sales skills with a mission to reverse deforestation?

If you're fluent in English, German, or French and ready for a role that's as rewarding as it is challenging, we've got the perfect opportunity for you! 
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Not your profile but convinced that you can scale our impact? For driven talent, the door is always open for a cup of coffee.
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