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Bird of paradise


Gift plant

The bird of paradise flower (Strelitzia reginae) is named after the colorful bird of paradise from New Guinea. The plant symbolizes joy, freedom and beauty. It is a very strong houseplant that likes to be outside in full sun during the summer months. After 3-5 years of good care, you will have a piece of paradise in your home: a flowering bird of paradise plant!


  • A present with a future

  • Sturdy and stylishly packaged in an FSC-certified box 

  • Booklet with care tips and fun facts (EN/NL or EN/DE) 

  • Fits in every bag and even through the letterbox 

  • Biodegradable pot with elephant grass fibres 

  • Customisable greeting card and pot (optional)

  • Plant height: ~15 cm 


Booklet contents

Strelitzia EN_1.png
Strelitzia EN_2.png
Strelitzia EN_3.png
Strelitzia EN_4.png


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