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Monstera monkey mask

Monstera Monkey mask brievenbus plantje-[800]-13.jpg

Gift plant

Turn your room into a jungle! The Swiss cheese plant fits any interior and is one of the easiest houseplants.

In a spot in partial shade, it swings around and steals the show with its deep green leaves and remarkable oval holes. A must have for every plant lover.


  • A present with a future

  • Sturdy and stylishly packaged in an FSC-certified box 

  • Booklet with care tips and fun facts (EN/NL or EN/DE) 

  • Fits in every bag and even through the letterbox 

  • Biodegradable pot with elephant grass fibres 

  • Customisable greeting card and pot (optional)

  • Plant height: ~15 cm 

monstera background comp.png

Booklet contents

Booklet Monstera EN_Facts.png
Booklet Monstera EN_Baby.png
Booklet Monstera EN_Teenager.png
Booklet Monstera EN_Water.png


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