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Coffee tree

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Gift tree

Do you know a coffee lover? Perfect - they will love this gift! With good care, the first beans can be harvested after about 4 years. In the meantime, you can enjoy the beautiful green tree in your windowsill. 

Originally, the coffee plant comes from the highlands of Ethiopia and Yemen, where it grows in the shade of larger trees. This makes it very suitable as a houseplant. Coffee from this plant is as sustainable as it gets!


  • A present with a future 

  • Sturdy and stylishly packaged in an FSC-certified box 

  • Booklet with care tips and fun facts (EN/NL or EN/DE) 

  • Fits in every bag and even through the letterbox

  • Biodegradable pot with elephant grass fibres

  • Customisable greeting card and pot (optional) 

  • Tree height: ~15 cm 


Booklet contents

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TREES booklets in squares5.png
TREES booklets in squares coffee back in time.png


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