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Our product

At the heart of our design philosophy is a commitment to being 100% fossil-free.


We've nearly hit the mark, except for one small detail: the pot. Forging ahead, we've discovered materials for injection molding that boast over 80% biobased content. The tricky 20% remains fossil-based, for now, but we're on the lookout for biobased alternatives to emerge on the commercial scene.


Our pots and lids, a blend of PLA and 15% elephant grass, keep things light with a wall thickness that doesn't exceed 2mm. This careful design choice ensures they can decompose within 12 weeks in an industrial composting setup, meeting the EN13432 standard.

Our packaging story continues with the box, sporting a kraft paper exterior and an interior made of recycled corrugate and test liner. And let's not forget about our booklets, printed on 100% recycled paper using eco-friendly bio-inks derived from linseed oil.

The trees

Our efforts are deeply rooted in the Netherlands - except for our olive trees, which enjoy the Spanish sun before joining our collection.

When it comes to our trees, we lean into partnerships with organic growers whenever possible. The quest for organically grown trees is challenging, given their scarce availability and seasonal constraints. Despite these hurdles, we ensure a portion of our trees are grown organically, without chemicals and artificial fertilizers.

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Our growing and repotting process is entrusted to individuals in social workplaces, spread across various locations in The Netherlands. They also lend their hands in folding our packaging boxes.

For instance, we partner with Dorrepaal, an organization that prioritizes social welfare. They engage individuals with intellectual disabilities in various outdoor activities. Our saplings are repotted and prepared for sale by them.


Collaborations with organizations like Dorrepaal & Middin and Dependens underscore our commitment to social responsibility.


The journey from grower to packer is powered by green energy, with our trees making their way through the country in electric vehicles. Frits (see photo), our dedicated transporter, ensures our trees arrive weekly, ready for their new homes.

We also make a concerted effort to combine as many trips as possible and carry as much as we can, aiming to minimize the number of journeys.

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Our story extends beyond sales; it's about making a tangible impact. Through partnerships with Trees for All and Plant for the Planet, we're not just talking about change - we're planting it, one tree at a time.


For every direct sale, part of our profit contributes directly to land restoration projects. These collaborations highlights our shared commitment to a greener future.

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