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Lucky bamboo


Gift plant

Whoever brings the lucky bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) into their home will be blessed with prosperity. At least, that's what people in China believe according to the 3000-year-old Feng Shui philosophy. This attractive two-toned indoor plant also has a dark side. As its Latin name suggests, it is a close relative of the dragon's blood tree. Fortunately, when indoors, it only reveals its sunny side.


  • A present with a future

  • Sturdy and stylishly packaged in an FSC-certified box 

  • Booklet with care tips and fun facts (EN/NL or EN/DE) 

  • Fits in every bag and even through the letterbox 

  • Biodegradable pot with elephant grass fibres 

  • Customisable greeting card and pot (optional)

  • Plant height: ~15 cm 


Booklet contents

EN_Lucky bamboo_symboliek.png
EN_Lucky bamboo_baby.png
EN_Lucky bamboo_tiener.png
EN_Lucky bamboo_volwassenen.png


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