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Sharing our story

Our dream is a bold one: a world where humans and nature thrive together, where the air is fresh, forests are dense and diverse, and every form of life is valued. This future, where sustainability is woven into the essence of our daily lives, is what we strive to achieve.  


Our products and presence might still be small. The DNA of the Sequoia enclosed in the tiniest seed, turns into the largest tree on earth. Through collaboration with partners and the support of individuals like you, we aim to build a legacy of sustainability and inclusion, safeguarding the diversity of life for all future generations. 

Our vision: a future where sustainability is a way of life, and humans live in harmony with nature and with each other. We envision a world where people understand and respect the earth's ecosystems, using natural processes to preserve and enhance diversity. 

Our mission: to inspire through high-quality tree-gifts and storytelling about the beauty of nature. We contribute to reversing deforestation and promoting ecosystem restoration by making everyone a steward of forests,  

fostering love for trees. 

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