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Acacia pravissima_circle 2.jpg

Acacia pravissima


Mailbox tree

Wattles or Acacias occur naturally on all continents except Europe. They are also hardly available in garden centres here.

Nevertheless, the Wattle is reasonably hardy and a curiosity for every (exotic) garden. With its beautiful yellow fluffy flowers, it certainly steals the show.


  • THE sustainable letterbox gift 

  • Love. Grown with love, to give with love 

  • Firm, stylish and FSC-certified packaging 

  • Personalised greeting cards 

  • A little tree of 15 cm height  

  • Our Treemore booklet, featuring info on how to care for your tree and fun plant facts in Dutch and English 

Acacia pravissima_circle 3.jpg

Care tips and facts



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