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Coffee tree starting to flower?

After 3.5 years of pampering, our coffee tree is going to flower! At least... if the tiny flower buds continue to grow. We closely follow their development and can hopefully harvest ripe coffee cherries in one year(?). And then roast, grind and... make homemade coffee. Kaveh! As common as coffee is today, so rare were overseas spices 500 years ago. Time for a small anecdote.

'From afar' (Van Verre)

In 1595, four ships of the 'Compagnie van Verre' left Amsterdam for Java with the aim of buying spices for the European market. Two years later, three ships returned with a total of 30 bales of mace and 245 sacks of pepper. Two-thirds of the 249 crew members did not survive the journey... Despite the suffering, the trip was seen as a success. Requests for new expeditions poured in quickly and shortly after, eight new ships left for the East Indies. Many trade voyages would follow under the 'Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie (VOC)', that was founded in 1602.

Nowadays, the fresh mangoes and pineapples can be found in supermarkets year round and we can drink coffee on every corner of the street. What a wealth... Yet all those goodies still come 'from afar' and we often have no idea how the plants that produce them grow and bloom. For coffee – the second most consumed drink in the world after tea – we already wrote a story about it. And now that the first buds appear in our coffee tree, we will closely follow the process from flower to cup of coffee.

Can that tree grow in Northern Europe?

Yes, it can! A coffee tree does very well in our living room. The indoor climate is comparable to the conditions on the high plateau of Ethiopia, where coffee flourishes: moderate temperatures and dry air. Getting a coffee tree to bloom is mainly a matter of a spacious pot and a bright location. And of patience... Do you take up the challenge? Then order your coffee tree at,, or You can start enjoying the beautiful glossy leaves tomorrow.

Does your organization have something to celebrate or do you want to welcome new colleagues with a sustainable and symbolic present (‘growing together’)? With a coffee tree as a promotional gift, a strong impression is guaranteed. For personalisation options, please take a look at our B2B sales page and contact us if you have any questions. Let's make the world a little greener together!

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