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The largest tree in the world is back!

Updated: May 26, 2023

It's back: the largest tree in the world! Just small enough to fit through the letterbox :). In this blog you can read why this tree is doing so well in the Netherlands and what makes it so much fun to grow one or give it away.

Where do you put such a giant?

If you think 'the largest tree in the world, I don't have room for that at all'... We have good news! Like all trees, the largest tree in the world can be kept small in a pot. See the result below from our very first customer after four years of growing (and dreaming off to Sequoia National Park…). And that for the price of a small bouquet.

Can that tree grow in the Netherlands?

Yes, very well! There is a reason that Sequoias are doing well in the Netherlands. Before the ice ages, they also grew in Europe. In fact, part of the lignite in our soil consists of old Sequoia trunks. When the ice ages began, the Sequoias alone were unable to migrate south quickly enough to flee the advancing ice sheets. They 'got stuck' on the mountain ranges that run from East to West in Europe, such as the Alps and the Pyrenees. In North America, where the Rocky Mountains run from North to South, the Sequoias were able to survive the ice ages.

However, the fact that the sequoias did not survive the ice ages in Europe does not mean that they can no longer grow here. Sequoias actually thrive here, as evidenced by the photo series below, of which only the last photo was not taken in the Netherlands.

What you give attention grows

Discover the joy of growing a tree and order a baby giant quickly at BloomPost or Nice for yourself and nice to give! A sustainable gift that any recipient with a green thumb will enjoy for a lifetime.

Does your organisation have 'big news' to celebrate, or do you want to welcome new colleagues with a sustainable and symbolic gift ('grow together' or 'rise to great heights')? With the Giant Sequoia - which stands for strength, courage and determination - as a promotional gift, you are guaranteed to make a huge impression. For our customisation options, take a look at the sales page and contact us if you have any questions. Together we make the world a little bit greener!

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