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Partnership with organic nursery Dependens

We are very happy to start growing our trees together with Bio Kwekerij Dependens. Just a stone's throw from Wageningen University, this unique nursery grows and flourishes where the love for people and nature is deeply rooted.

Dependens has 6 hectares where trees and plants are cultivated in the most sustainable way. This means that no chemicals and fertilizers are used, but that there is cooperation with nature. Dependens is Skal certified. Another special feature of Dependens is that employees with a distance to the labor market are central to business operations.

The people, the nature, the philosophy. We feel connected to each other and are really looking forward to making the world a little happier and greener together.

The greenhouse is still empty but that will soon change :-). We are eagerly looking forward to higher temperatures so that the seedlings can go from the nursery to the greenhouse. In this tunnel greenhouse, supported by a heat pump, we can offer frost-sensitive species a pleasant shelter next winter.

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