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Trees: An extraordinary story for every occasion

Treemore's letterbox idea originated from a passion for trees. We are tree lovers for many reasons. One of them: the story that trees tell, the symbolism. In general, giving a tree symbolises sustainable growth in a relationship. But in addition to that, every tree (and plant) has its own story and meaning. There is a tree with a suitable story for every occasion. In this blog we list the symbolic meaning of four evergreen species from our range. Which tree will you send this winter?

Umbrella pine (Pinus pinea)

The umbrella pine symbolises vitality and fertility. It stays green all winter and, once mature, produces those delicious pine nuts. Due to its umbrella shape, it offers shade from the bright sun, which also makes it a symbol of protection. In oriental cultures, he also symbolised courage, loyalty, steadfastness, and strength of character. If that's not a nice Christmas wish, we don’t know what is!

Olive tree (Olea europaea)

Who thinks olive tree and symbolism, thinks peace. This symbolism is older than the road to Rome and is deeply rooted in our culture: from the dove that gave an olive branch to Noah until well into Greek antiquity. But the olive also symbolises fertility and prosperity. Legend has it that by donating an olive tree that bore fruit immediately, the goddess Athena helped the Greek city of Athens so much that it was named after her. And if that wasn't enough, the olive tree also symbolises strength, victory, and a positive vision of the future. By giving an olive tree you confirm a lasting bond, and it forms a lasting memory of friendship and connection.

Acacia pravissima

The acacia pravissima is our most exotic species. So exotic that we don't have a separate name for it in Dutch. Not surprising at all, because Europe is the only continent where the acacia does not occur naturally. But it is a very strong tree that can withstand drought, wind, and forest fires. This makes him a symbol of resilience and steadfastness. But it is also a tree that symbolizes memory and reflection and eternal life. A very suitable tree to give someone a helping hand or to celebrate successes!

Coffee (Coffea arabica)

The coffee plant symbolises support and encouragement. In the Netherlands we even speak of a “bakkie troost” (cup of consolation). Comfort, coziness, and a boost, that is what coffee offers millions of people every day. Furthermore, the plant - thanks to the drink - symbolises hospitality and generosity. If you want to support or invite someone to have a cup of coffee together, this coffee plant is the ideal gift.

Have you found a species whose symbolism fits the story you want to tell? Then go to Bloompost or and send a tree as a letterbox post. Or contact us for business orders.

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