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Olea europaea

Symbol of peace, source of culinary delights and curator of Mediterranean flavours... That’s the olive tree!  

Olive tree

Symbolism & fun facts


Partial shade to full sun


1 to 2 times per week


to -5°C



Here I am! Your very own baby olive tree. I hope you will take good care of me. Put me somewhere indoors with lots of light and give me a little water every other day.

L113 Olijfboompje - Olea Europea-lifestyle-[HR]-10.jpg

After 2 weeks

After 2 weeks of pampering, it is time for a larger pot! Preferably a pot of 2 litres or more with holes for drainage underneath (so I don’t ‘drown’).

meerder treemore boompjes-lifestyle-[HR]-6.jpg


You can now put me outside. Put me in partial shade for a week or so, so I can acclimatise to the harsh sun. I can tolerate cold, but I need to take shelter in a cool place indoors if temperatures drop below -5°C.

L113 Olijfboompje - Olea Europea-lifestyle-[HR]-21.jpg


What you nurture will grow. I do my very best. Once I am twice the height of my pot, it is time for a larger home.

L113 Olijfboompje - Olea Europea-lifestyle-[HR]-39.jpg

Fertilising & temperature

In summer, I thrive outside in a sunny and warm spot. I get a little peckish when I develop new leaves and will be very grateful for a little extra plant food !


I need to take shelter in a cool place indoors when temperatures drop below -5°C.


Foto olijfboompje Margreet 28 mei 2024.png


"At the time of writing, 2.5 years after my father received the olive tree, it is now in full bloom for the second time and has reached a height of 2.85 meters! We are deeply impressed and greatly amazed (along with our family and friends) at how quickly this olive tree is growing!" 


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